Swiss domain <> subject to transfer

This is to evidence that misspelled domain names are still of a very much interest both to domain speculants as well as trademark owners. In its recent decision, WIPO panel has adjudicated on the transfer of the domain name <> to Skyscanner Limited, owner of corresponding trademarks “Skyscanner”.

This is a straight forward case of domain speculation as the respondent lacked any legitimate interest to the domain at hand and apparently had registered it in bad faith. As it is also usual in similar cases, the respondent did not even filed any submission trying to convince the panel otherwise. All that only further underlines that domain disputes may become a nuisance for the right-owners as in the cases such as that referred to in this post, the respondent very rarely has any legit reason to use the domain and yet the right-owners are forced to undertake an ADR proceedings and incur associated fees and costs for representation; all that solely in order to not have search results from various search engines distorted.